Monday, February 19, 2018

Lust Shop by John Dexter

Passion Wrecks Were Sin-fixed In This....

Imported Sin!
Sports cars! Pete was a wiz at making them purr like a kitten...Even whizzier with their owners if they happen to be delightful vixens like Chris, the blond who wants Pete to preform a special service for her. Or like  Rhoda, with her elusive husband and lonely house. Like Angel Child who takes Pete to his first orgy and revels with him in all the shame and degradation. Like Thelma, who unwittingly preforms so very close...until the police close in with sirens and damnation screaming loudly....

Printing History
Written by John Dexter

Evening Reader
ER 731
April 1964

Friday, February 16, 2018

Soft In The Middle by Michael Storey

The Ultimate Spy Caper!

Michael Dove, superstud, down on his luck mystery writer who likes sex and sadism mixed with reality, has gotten into something big. A tempting twenty year old has turned up naked in his bathtub with an offer he finds hard to refuse. If he protects her while she blackmails her husband for a million, Dove with get a piece of the money, too. It all looks good, until he is almost killed by a car and two powerful espionage forces try to slice him to ribbons. Then Dove realizes he's smack in the center of a bone chilling intrigue, and suddenly finds himself going.....

Soft In The Middle

Printing History
written by Michael Storey

Alfred A Knopf, Inc
May 1972

Dell Publishing Company
May 1975

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Midwood Double Play

Two Girls Come Of Age

Already Taken
by Joan Ellis
The story of a beautiful girl who goes to New York to find happiness and a husband, but she picked a man who was already married.

First Try
by Dorothy Worden
The story of Jinnie Zane, innocent and beautiful, who found that the road to success takes many unexpected turns and often brings one back to the starting point.

Printing History

A Midwood Book
copyright 1966

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Toll For The Brave by Jack Higgins

Toll For The Brave

Ellis Jackson woke up hugging a twelve-bore shotgun. In the next room, his mistress and his best friend lay naked on the bed, their heads blown to pulp. Back in England at last, Ellis Jackson had finally cracked. Active combat, a Viet Cong prison camp and the callous treachery of his lover and interrogator, Madam Ny, had taken their toll. Ellis Jackson was out of his mind. Or was he?
Maybe it would all have been easier to take if he really had been mad

Surviving a helicopter crash, Ellis Jackson is taken prisoner in Vietnam and placed in a special camp designed for brainwashing. His beautiful captor, Madame Ny, seduces him into confusion, but fellow prisoner Brigadier General James Maxwell St. Clair, provides him his only link to sanity and his only link to escape. What happens 20 years later brings him full circle.

 Printing History
Written by Henry Patterson (1929- )

1971 by Jack Higgins

Fawcett Gold Medal Books
February 1976


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Red Guard (Dutch Edition) by Manning Lee Stokes

De Rode Wacht

Dutch Edition of The Red Guard

Printing History
Written by Manny Lee Stokes (1911-1976)

Born NV
Nick Carter #34
D 175
ISBN 90 283 0299

Monday, January 22, 2018

Amazing Stories November 1946

Cover Art by Arnold Kohn


The Return Of The Sathanas
by Richard S Shaver (1907-1975) and Bob McKenna

Haunted Metropolis 
by Chester S Geier (1921-1990)

The Secret Of Lord Fennel
by Frank G Heiner

The Man Who Went Nowhere
by John de Courcy and Dorothy de Courcy

Side Street 
by Leroy Yerxa (1915-1946)

Atala Rim 
by J. S. Harrison

Command Performance
by Berkeley Livingston (1909-1975)

Printing History
Published by 
Ziff-Davis Publishing Company, November 1946
Volume 20 No 8

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Sob Sister Cries Murder by Carter Brown

Her Story Scared 
A Gangster's Moll 
Right Into 
The Killer's Arms.....

Printing History
Written by Alan G Yates (1923-1985)

Transport Publishing Co
Horwitz Publications, Inc

Unnumbered Series

Second Collectors' Series
w/Maid For Murder
Volume  1  #6

Reprinted by Demand Series #27
September 1960

Bonus Covers

Bernard Backburn Cover

Monday, January 15, 2018

Have A Change Of Scene by James Hadley Chase

Have A Change Of Scene

It isn't often a diamond expert from Paradise City becomes an unpaid welfare worker in a poor, industrial town like Luceville. But Larry Carr had gone there for a purely selfish reason, to help him forget the terrible tragedy which had ruined his life and career. At first the dirt and dishonesty of the town appalled him, but them slowly, he became a part of it. He found himself enjoying the violence and the terror of like in the slums. But most of all he enjoyed being the slave of red haired Rhea Morgan, a sensual beauty whose profession was crime. Obsessed by Rhea, Larry agreed to steal a diamond necklace for her worth 1.5 million dollars, but he hadn't bargained on committing murder too......

Printing History
Written by René Brabazon Raymond (1906-1985)

Robert Hale 

Corgi Books
ISBN 552 09648

Bonus Covers

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Date With A Dead Man by Brett Halliday

Mike Shayne
The Private Eye With  Top Form
Dives In A Case Of Mysteriously Missing Persons
And A Couple Of Million Bucks

The Nifty Nympho
She was rich but not rich enough, married but hungry for lovers, and would happily liquefy herself into oblivion at the pop of a cork. Mike Shayne was the solution to all her problems if she mixed her business and pleasure tight. A simple concoction of bribery and bed. But Shayne wouldn't buy it. All he wanted were some fast answers to some easy questions, not the least important of which was why a not so nice girl like that had made a date with a dead man.

Printing History
Written by Davis Dresser (1904-1977)

Dodd, Mead & Co

John Long

Dell Publishing 
September 1960 
Robert McGinnis Cover
February 1967
Robert McGinnis Cover
July 1974